Summer Lovin'

I'm going to be honest here. This is a very unpopular opinion, and I totally understand, but I feel the need to voice it anyway.

I don't really like summer.

Sure, it has some advantages, like longer days and more opportunities to go outside and gardening and flowers, but overall, it's just a few months that I tolerate between my two favorite seasons, spring and fall. It all goes back to my very strong dislike of being hot. I don't mean sweating while running, biking, hiking, or some other activity, I mean stepping outside and sweating, or sweating while sitting on the patio. Also, bugs. Have you ever been riding your bike up a mountain with no breeze while trying to fight off the cloud of gnats swarming around your face? I can assure you that it is terrible. And while it usually isn't hot here in comparison to many other places in the US, this summer we've already hit 90 multiple times. That's really, really hot here. Especially for June.

To help cope with these sweaty months, I've really thrown myself into summer knits. First there was my Seaboard Tank, and now most recently is my finished Saco Stripes Tank (I'm also just a few seams away from a new summer vest, which I'll post more about later). 

I thoroughly enjoyed every stitch of this knit, right down to the seams. I considered knitting it in the round, but was afraid my yarn, Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy, would be too heavy, which would cause the top to stretch. Speaking of, this yarn really was great to work with. This was my first time knitting with it, and I actually ordered it for another project. It's labeled as a DK weight yarn, which it is clearly not - it's more like a heavy fingering. A lot of comments I read after I got it said it would bloom and transform into a DK weight after washing, but I didn't find that to be true. It did bloom a bit, but not whole lot to make much of a difference. Because I purchased the yarn with another project in mind, I had to make a pretty obvious modification to make sure I didn't run out of the main color - instead of the two row contrasting color stripes, I made mine 4 rows. I'm glad I did, I definitely would have run out of the main color if I hadn't.

I also chose to omit the edging around the arm and neck holes, mainly because it seemed tedious to me, and I didn't want to mess with it. I intentionally slipped the first stitch of every row throughout the entire project hoping it would make for neater looking edges so that I could leave that edging out, and it really did the trick. The straps do roll in a bit, but with a camisole underneath, I don't have to worry about bra straps hanging out.

I chose to knit the smallest size, giving me a bit of negative ease at the bust, and plenty of positive ease at the hips thanks to the a-line shape. In the past I've shied away from this shape, but I will admit that I love the way this looks.

And the drape of this hemp and cotton blend is just wonderful. So breezy and light, and it hangs just perfectly.

I'm totally sold on summer knits, however my fingers are starting to crave a nice, wooly fall sweater. Thankfully, Shannon's summer sweater KAL will be coming up soon - I'm planning to knit an Oshima (finally!).


  1. Seconded-I hate summer, and I won't even concede any advantages it has over fall and winter! That being said, I've certainly been sold on summer knits this year, and I absolutely love this tank! It looks great on you-and the colors are fantastic. Well done! :)

  2. MichelleCarter7/7/15, 6:33 PM

    So cute! I love the shape and stripes. I can see it being super comfy in Hempathy, too. I like running in the heat, but not much else. It's been so hot that when I try to work out in the garage, I get nauseated.
    Anyway, I was thinking of doing either Oshima or Stonecutter for the SSKAL, too. I'd be using a blue WotA tweed for the first and Dove tweed for the latter. Not sure which yet. They're both such classic designs. What colors/yarn are you considering?

  3. Thanks, Michelle! It's so comfy. Have you used Hempathy before? I can't remember. I can't even imagine what your heat is like. I know my heat complaints are lost on you ;)

    I actually want to knit Oshima twice, once for my mom's 65th birthday, and once for me. She's picked out a greyish blue in Ella Rae Classic worsted, and I'll be using a different shade of blue in the same of yarn for mine. I'll probably knit hers first, take a break with a Lila for myself, and then knit mine this winter so I don't get burned out on the same pattern. I considered knitting them both at the same time, but thought that would take forever, and since I want hers to be done by her September birthday, I should probably just knit it by itself.

  4. First, I adore the shirt! It's so cute! Second, I totally understand the non Summer love! I'm a fan of the in between seasons, Spring and Autumn too. I don't like hot weather, I don't like being sweaty, I get cranky and whiney and it's not a fun knitting season, beacuse I don't like knitting with cotton or linen yarn. There, I'm glad I'm not alone with this opnion!

  5. Woollen Wilderness7/26/15, 6:43 AM

    I totally agree with your statement about summer. Sure, I love it when it is sunny and temperatures are moderate. But usually it is either sticky and unbearable, or altogether unsummerlike. We had a storm yesterday and I enjoyed it SO MUCH MORE than what summer is supposed to be like. BUT, that top you made is fantastic! And for that summer must be worth it :)