It's October!

Finally! My favorite month! And not just because it's my birthday month. It's such a gorgeous month, and I'm so happy that we're in Asheville. That's right - we're all moved! I'm still unpacking and organizing everything, but everything's moved, and Jake's first day of work was yesterday.

We did not, however, leave Athens without one more incident....
The day before we left, Jake left to go on his last bike ride in Athens - it was a beautiful day, cool, crisp and clear, and he was really looking forward to enjoying the ride. 15 minutes after he left, I got a phone call from him saying his chain locked up and he had gone flying over the handlebars, so he needed me to come pick him up. Long story short, we headed to Urgent Care for a few x-rays and left one broken collarbone later. Poor guy, he can hardly get dressed by himself. Luckily, all of our furniture and most of the boxes had already been moved and placed in the new apartment, so we didn't have that to worry about.

But, now we're settling in, and my shop is back up and running. I've released a few more patterns in the past few weeks. You can see those along with all my patterns on my ravelry page, or in my etsy shop.

What's been inspiring you guys lately? I've recently discovered some amazing new music, and it's really been touching me and inspiring me so much. First off, The Wailin' Jennys - amazing harmonies, gorgeous voices, and just all around perfect music.

Second, a local band called The Honeycutters have really struck a chord with my soul (cheesy?). They remind me of one of my favorite bands ever, The Everybodyfields, who broke up a few years ago, but remain one of my favorites. Something about good harmonies really makes my heart happy. 

Anyone have any other bands I should check out?


  1. Are you going to the Fiber Festival in Asheville October 22-24?

  2. I am doing the Athens Half-Marathon on the 24th so I decided not to go to Ashville the same weekend. Too much going on.