I'm getting so excited to cast on for the Spring KAL on Wednesday. I've done a gauge swatch, organized my yarn, and planned out the mods I want to make. I'm using two strands of lace weight yarn held together, so my gauge was a little off, but I've done the math to accommodate. I really like the fabric my swatch created, so I decided to stick with the smaller needles.

Using inspiration from the amazing spring colors surrounding me, I'm going bold with this top, and I think it's going to be fabulous.

The yarn is Knit Picks Shadow, which is more yarn that I've had for a good 4 years - so long, in fact, that the colors are no longer available (so let's hope I don't run out!). I especially love the subtle tones in these yarns - something the camera isn't good at picking up. The purple has tones of blue and pink, while the coral has beautiful hints of yellow, and I think the two yarns really accent each other nicely. 

I've been trying to surround myself with fresh flowers since we have so many in the yard right now, but since we have two curious kitties, and it seems that most flowers are poisonous to them, I've had to keep them outside on the terrace. This definitely isn't a bad thing - I'm looking forward to enjoying them while I sit out there and knit, basking in the sweet Spring sunshine!


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