Jen & Jess Do New Girl, The End

It's done! My no-pressure KAL with my virtual friend Jesse was a blast. I loved the idea of knitting something, knowing another person is knitting the exact same thing at the exact same time. Plus, it was extremely helpful to talk through a lot of the changes we made to the pattern, instead of having to think it through by myself, or try to explain it to Jake (sweet, sweet man... he always listens and is extremely supportive, but I can see his eyes glaze over a bit when I start talking about knitting).

I am so, so happy with this skirt. Everything about it is wonderful - the fit, the yarn, the colors, and the style. I never thought I'd be one to go for the high-waisted style, but it seems to flatter my short stature.

I ended up making a few mods - some are obvious, such as leaving the daisy stitch off the pockets, but some aren't as obvious and I feel really make this a more flattering fit on me. The pattern calls for doubling the amount of stitches after the waistband, but Jesse and I both decided to do just half the increases for a more fitted look. I think, on my body, doubling the number of stitches would have just made my hips look huge.

Just like everyone's Ravelry projects warned, pre-elastic, the waist of this thing was enormous. I'm pretty sure I could have fit two of me in it. It was pretty amazing the transformation the skirt took after sewing in the elastic. I sewed the ends of the elastic together about 3 inches smaller than my waist, which I think really helps with the fit.

{More photos on my Ravelry page}

Jesse and I both used Knit Picks Wool of the Andes sport weight. I really enjoyed knitting with it. It's perfectly sheepy, without being really scratchy, not to mention the affordability - the cost of this skirt was less than $20. And, since I cut out half of the increases, I still have over a skein of the main color left, and about half a skein of the contrast color.

The perfect fall skirt, just in time for fall!


  1. www.tresbienensemble.com9/17/14, 3:23 PM

    This skirt is amazing! It turned out really beautifully! I think that reducing the number of stitches increased after the waist was a good call. It's a great fit!

  2. MichelleCarter9/18/14, 1:37 PM

    You look so great in this, Jennifer! It's just so cute! I'm glad you shared your mods. I really do want to make one of these some day, and I'm never sure how I'll like the fit of a full circle skirt on me. Less than twenty bucks is a pretty incredible deal, huh?

  3. Thanks Michelle! I think the full circle looks great on certain people, I just don't think I'm one of those people. That's one great thing about making your own clothes - adjusting it to your body/style. Definitely couldn't have found this adorable of a skirt with a fit like this for less than 20 bucks in the store! It's a win all around.

  4. Thanks Michelle! It's definitely a win in my book! This style would look adorable on you, too!

  5. Woollen Wilderness9/24/14, 3:17 PM

    What a coincidence, I finished this skirt around the same time as you! I like the colours you choose for it. As with everyone else it seems, I was also so worried about the size before weaving in the elastic, so glad it all settled in :)