Snapshots - Stash Enhancement Edition

I don't know if you guys have noticed, but there seem to have been quite a few online yarn sales as of late. I don't know if it's to get people pumped up for fall & winter, but I've tried to take advantage when I can. My yarn stash is already fairly sizable, but it's filled with a lot of special single skeins, and not a whole lot of sweaters quantities. So when I stumble upon a sale where I can stash away a few sweaters worth of yarn for a fraction of the normal price, I jump on it.

First up, I managed to score these two skeins of Cascade Eco+ for 60% off the normal retail price. I've only used this yarn once, but I really enjoyed knitting with it. I used it for the first Aidez I ever made in 2012. I recently saw the sweater, and the yarn has held up so well, with almost no pilling. The problem is, I can't decide what to knit with this!

The color is so perfect - it screams autumn, and will be a nice bright beam of color during winter. I've had Idlewood in my library for years, and this could be the perfect yarn for it. I would want it to be long sleeved (or at least three quarter sleeved), and I'm afraid I would run out of yarn. I've also been drooling over Lila for a couple of months. I feel like this yarn is destine to become a sweater that's super cozy, and gets basically lived in, which keeps bringing me back to Lila. I'm also thinking about just swatching, and doing a top down raglan to fit my body, but I'm totally open to any other suggestions!

Next up are two sweaters worth of Ella Rae worsted that I grabbed from Webs while they were having a big sale. This yarn is pretty affordable as it is, but I got it for about half price. I'm a little disappointed in the color on the left. It looked a lot more grey on the website, but ended up being very similar in color to the blue.

One of these, not sure which yet, will become an Oshima. Even though the pattern calls for two strands of fingering weight held together, I'm pretty sure I can use a worsted weight and get gauge - a quick glimpse through the projects on Ravelry proved that I wasn't the only one who thought this could be done. The other color may be used to make Phinney, which I've also loved for a few years. I've already got the pattern booklet (same booklet as Vashon!), so it's high on the list of possibilities.

There's something so exciting to me about new yarn - almost like a blank slate! It helps give me some motivation to finish my other projects so I can dive in to these. After I finish my Aidez and my New Girl, I'll likely cast on with the Eco+ - as soon as I can figure out what to make with it! 

Happy Friday!


  1. MichelleCarter9/5/14, 5:41 PM

    Nice! The yellow does scream fall. I can't get over Tanis' Oshima - http://www.ravelry.com/projects/tanisfiberarts/oshima
    - Knit with strands of two of her colorways held together. I want an Oshima in those exact colors, or something incredibly similar, one of these days.

  2. Good to know! I love the pattern and have wanted to make one for so long!

  3. Yes, it's so gorgeous! Her yarns are so dreamy. I've never used one, but tried to find some when we were up in Canada a couple of summers ago. Sadly, the stores that were listed on her website as having it were all out. It'll probably never be in my budget to get a whole sweaters worth, but I'll grab a skein or two one of these days!