Jen and Jess Do Sundottir

Sundottir, you've stolen my heart in the best way.

I'm not sure I can say enough about good things about this sweater. The colors, the yarn, the fit - they're all perfect. I'm head over heels in love.

This was my first time using small batch, hand-dyed yarn for an entire garment. After knitting a bit on the sleeve, I decided not to alternate skeins, and I'm very happy I made that decision. It would have been a pain, and the result without alternating is just wonderful. No intense pooling, just the perfect amount of variation.

The pattern was so well written that the only modifications (additions?) I made were to add some length. I added a couple of inches to the sleeves, because apparently I have long arms, and I added about an inch to the body before starting the hip decreases, because I like my sweaters to come down a bit further on the hip. This was my first color-work yolked sweater, and I have a feeling it won't be my last. The result is just fabulous.

The yarn I used is Miss Babs Heartland, which has to be the softest, butteriest wool I've ever knitted with. I bought it this past October at SAFF after touching it once and knowing I needed to wrap my entire body in it. Buying an entire sweater's worth was definitely a splurge, but I ended up with well over half a skein of the contrasting color left, and over a skein of the main color left, so my splurge will extended further than just this sweater.

This was another knit-along with my pal, Jesse. This was our second knit-along, and is far from our last. You may remember our New Girl skirts, which was our first knit-along, and was a blast. While knitting this sweater, our friendship grew so much and we realized just how much we have in common. Jesse and her husband were even able to come through Asheville and spend a couple of nights with us. It was so amazing to finally meet her in person, and so refreshing to spend time with my soul sister. I can't wait to see her again in May and go to Maryland Sheep & Wool together!
It's funny sometimes when I think about how knitting has changed my life - it's given me a productive hobby, taught me patience, given me a stronger appreciation for all things handmade, and it's brought me together with like-minded people, who are loving and supportive. And of course, it's given me the ability to make myself incredible handmade clothing.

Spring is starting to spring here in the mountains, and although I know I'll have plenty more opportunities to wear my wool sweaters, I'm turning my knitting thoughts to lightweight pullovers and shawls, but don't be surprised if you find me sweating in my Sundottir sometime in June - it's going to be a hard one to pack away.

{See more photos on my Ravelry page}


  1. Beautiful sweater!
    And the colour is SO pretty.

  2. You did such a beautiful job on this sweater. I hope you get in many wearings before it gets too warm! I also love it how much your friendship with Jess grew with this knit-along. We really are lucky to have these online communities where we can meet like-minded folks, aren't we?

  3. SillyLittleLady3/11/15, 5:05 PM

    This sweater is fantastic and fits you perfectly! The colors are great :D

  4. www.tresbienensemble.com3/12/15, 3:11 PM

    This sweater is really beautiful. The way you describe the yarn makes it sound like it's a delight to wear. I've made some of my best friends as an adult thanks to knitting, and I continue to learn from it all the time.