October Affection

Since finishing my New Girl and nearing the end of my Aidez (one sleeve to go!), I've started thinking about my next project.  Initially, I wanted to start a sweater with the Eco+ I recently acquired, but decided to stick to something smaller while I still have my tights on the needles. They're growing, slowly, but I have a self-imposed deadline for finishing, and I don't want to get too distracted.

Then, totally randomly, I posted this photo on Instagram:
A photo of my beloved Color Affection shawl I knitted a couple of years ago. This sparked a conversation between Ariane of Falling Stitches (she's just switched over to wordpress, and I love the look of her new site! All her older blog posts can still be found here, until it all gets switched over) and myself, where it was ultimately decided that we were going to do a Color Affection KAL!

This is going to be the perfect project to accompany me while I finish my tights. Relaxing stripes of beautiful garter stitch, which when finished will make a squishy, comfy shawl. I can attest that my current Color Affection gets lots of use (I'm wearing it right now!), and it's so comfortable and warm. I can't wait to have another one! And? We want you to join us!

The details:

No rules here, really! Just have fun, and finish with a beautiful shawl! We are planning a cast on date of October 1, which gives you a few days to get your yarn, needles, and the pattern.

Share your progress on Instagram (my account, and Ariane's account) and social media with the hashtag #octoberaffection. It'll be a fun, easy way to follow along with everyone's progress.

And that's it!

I love these types of KALs because it's like having a virtual knitting group. I don't have many (or any?) real life friends that knit, and haven't gotten the guts to go any of my LYS's knit nights, so these really hit the spot for me.

I spent so much time picking yarn out of my stash for this, and had a really hard time deciding! But with help from Jake, and knowing I wanted something really Autumn colored, I finally decided!

From left to right is: Sweet Fiber Cashmerino Sock in Spanish Coin; Cascade Heritage Sock in Cinnamon; and Cascade again in Wine.

I spent my morning before work staring at my skeins, wishing I could sit on the porch and enjoy the Autumn chill while knitting.

All in good time, my lovely skeins.

So, are you in?? Come knit with us!


  1. Gorgeous color combo you've chosen! I can't wait to see how this knits up! You know, maybe I will join you to motivate myself to finish the Color Affection I started in June! Since there are no rules, that would work well for me! My yarn is kind of fiddly, so I find myself choosing other projects to fill my limited knitting time. But I really would like to be able to wear this one this winter :-)

  2. That is a gorgeous scarf!